Ryan and Thaddeus, the creators of Fakers, have been friends and colleagues since 2006, when they began studying acting at Ithaca College. They initially bonded over beers and bongs and now share an interest in creating irreverent comedy that both illuminates topical issues and entertains. The idea of the show was born at a bachelor party in New Orleans and solidified when they convinced a Lyft driver they were high profile accountants for a 30-minute ride.

The universal truth of Fakers is that everyone bends the truth to seize opportunities, get what they want, and have a little fun. Sometimes all it takes to go somewhere exciting is to say yes to what the universe gives you in the moment. To prove the show's concept, they wrote several sketches and shared them with the world as a web series.

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The Fakers web series was produced in 2016 with a non-budget of one million favors. They shot five episodes, made them as good as possible, and screened them at comedy, new media, and short film festivals. It was a great way to test the show's comedic voice and get industry feedback.

It was shot and edited by Ryan Mitchel and produced in conjunction with Brooklyn-based production company 23 Minutes In.


Official trailer for the Fakers web series

Mark and T take a trip to the beach, the perfect place to find summer love and near-death experiences. Wait, do both of them know how to swim?

Mark needs weed to cure his hangover, but T's hookup is in the Bronx. Will Mark ever get high? Will Mark's one night stand ever get the hint? Will The Guys ever figure out just WTF is going on today?

T is babysitting a math prodigy, so The Guys devise a scheme to make quick, high-stakes cash. Can this poker minnow swim with the sharks? Will Mark and T get busted and sleep with the fishes? Does Mark have a chance with Timmy's mom?

The Guys both score hot dates for Friday night. T's date won't shut up about malaria, so he calls an audible and pressures Mark into swapping dates with him. Can T bang with no strings attached? What will become of Mark?

Mark fakes The Guys into a free limo at the airport. When the bubbly has been popped and they learn where they’re headed, it seems too good to be true. Is T really working with the largest size? And will he make it out of this position alive?